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Artistry Workshop
Barb Hill
Sunday, Oct 6th, 2002
5:00 to 8:00 pm
at the

Columbia Hilton

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August 10th, 7:00pm
and 2:00pm
Mt. Aetna
Sat. Nov 30 - Sun. Dec 1
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     Upline Platinum

(courtesy of Dick Coles)


Dr. Newball's weekly training.
When Platinum, going Emerald,
Dr. Phil Carey
the Team Listens!

Sugeet and Kaajal Ajmani at Wilde Lake H.S.

Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani
from Cliffwood, NJ delivered a great Rally.  It all happened
Saturday night, November 10th, at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, MD.


Doug Weir
Wildelake H.S. Aug. 10th
Doug Weir Teaching at Wildelake H.S.

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 a short video clip of Doug Weir

Doug and Amie Weir at Wildelake H.S.

Doug & Amie Weir

August 10th, 2002


Kris and Dr. Revathy Murthy



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Fran Hester and Paul Garza are recognized by Dr. Newball.  They worked tirelessly for the Team at the recent SAM Seminar.


Newball Quest Trophy
Weekly Winner
November 12, 2002
Weekly Quest Winners
Last Week's Quest Winner,
& Mary Smith present the Quest Trophy to
Paul Garza
 (Paul left, Dana right, and Mary not present)
Newball EDC Quest Trophy
Congratulations from Dr. Newball and the Newball EDC Team!

Tom Gray on Stage at Sestina Rally
Q12 Tom Gray on stage November 9th,2002.

Dr. Newball's weekly training.

- Hotel Open -
TUESDAY, October 15th, 2002

Dr. Carey is a New Platinum that you, all your people, and your prospects need to hear.  Make every effort to be at the Open on October 15th.

Dr. Newball and Platinums,
Singing God Bless America

Doug & Amie Weir Wildelake H.S. Aug. 10th

Dr.Newball & Platinums, Aug. 10, 2002