Mt. Aetna
Sat. Nov 30 - Sun. Dec 1
Check with your
     Upline Platinum

(courtesy of Dick Coles)

Newball Quest Trophy
Weekly Winner

Calvin & Ingrid Harrison receive the Quest Trophy from Paul & Betsy Garza.
(Calvin left, Ingrid & Betsy not present)


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Original Code below for above effect......

<applet style="BORDER-RIGHT: 2px groove; BORDER-TOP: 2px groove; BORDER-LEFT: 2px groove; BORDER-BOTTOM: 2px groove" codeBase="" height="25" width="425" align="baseline" code="TypeText.class">
<param NAME="scrolldelay" VALUE="5">
<param NAME="size" VALUE="15">
<param NAME="scrolljump" VALUE="2">
<param NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="102,153,204">
<param NAME="notice" VALUE="Typewriter Text Effect, Copyright (c) 1997, OpenCube Technologies, FreeWare">
<param NAME="desc4" VALUE="Apply Now - Before Rates go up!">
<param NAME="delay" VALUE="3000">
<param NAME="desc3" VALUE="7/1 Adjustable Rate - 5.000% , 2 points, Only 5.956% APR!">
<param NAME="desc2" VALUE="15 Yr Fixed Rate - 5.250% , 2 points, Only 5.736% APR!">
<param NAME="centertext" VALUE="true">
<param NAME="desc1" VALUE="30 Yr Fixed Rate - 5.500% , 3 points, Only 5.877% APR!">
<param NAME="desc0" VALUE=" .. Your Source for the Best Rates...">
<param NAME="typedelay" VALUE="45">
<param NAME="textcolor" VALUE="0,0,102">
<param NAME="font" VALUE="Helvetica">Check out our current interest rates!