2004 Newball Diamond Trip
India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Int2004_01_IMG_0032 Malaysia Diamonds at Family Reunnion 2004 Int2004_02_IMG_0085 Newball Diamonds serving the Raj/Shenoy Team in Singapore after the nightowl Int2004_03_IMG_0092 Singapore was much more than business with Singapore qualified Platinum providing a city tour for the Newball's on a rainy day. Int2004_04_Picture023 Diamonds in Thailand at the Summer Conference 2004 Int2004_05_Picture 058 Having fun is part of building the business. Bankok, Thailand Int2004_06_IMG_0016 Dr. SF Wong and Wife Celia with the Newball's at Family Reunion in Malaysia June 2004 Int2004_07_IMG_0036 Andrew Wong and Newball's at Dinner for Malaysian Diamonds Int2004_08_IMG_0040 The Newball's waving Goodbye to Malaysian crowd of young excited successful IBO's